Edge of the Empire

Starting Again
...init reset.exe

Welp, I’m going to look to get this started up again. I’d like to do character creation using a Google Hangout so I can walk everyone through it. Additionally, I’ll link you the PDF for the core rulebook, but honestly…its a very easy system that is best learned by playing through it. Let me know what day of the week would work best for you.

Our Story Begins
A rough landing


A dusty rock in the Outer Rim. It’s inhabitants mostly poor moisture farmers struggling to get by. Its proximity to the trade routes provide bustling Starports in most major city centers while the communities on the outskirts crawl. The constant wave of merchants and traders fuel a darker side of life; Smugglers, scrapers, and thieves abound. This eclectic brood ensures that everyone keeps their eyes down and business to themselves. It’s not good for business to stand out in the crowd.

Your lifeboat barely makes it to the surface outside the remote town of Mos Kor’lan. The ships console flashes a variety of warnings and errors. A klaxon sounds loudly advising the immediate evacuation of the lifeboat. Taking what supplies you can, you sprint from the craft and dive behind a cluster of rocks.


The searing heat of the fuel rods igniting wafts overhead. You peer through the rocks to see the craft engulfed in green flames. Sparks and flames shoot erratically from the seems of the craft. Dark purple smoke rises into the night sky.

Despite your attempts, you’ve landed a long way from Mos Kor’lan. Unfortunately, the billow of purple smoke will alert anyone (or anything) in the area to your presence. You better get moving, its going to be a long, cold night.


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